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Company History

For over 20 years, Don Reed and the DealerPRO team have been Northern America’s #1 Fixed Operations Training company. After a successful career as a Franchised New Car Dealer and an RV dealer, Don saw a need for Fixed Ops training. He assembled a team of parts and service experts and developed the industry’s most accomplished and comprehensive training program that drives a higher level of customer service while maximizing profitability in service and parts. DealerPRO has maintained its success in the automotive industry through constant adaptability and incorporation of the latest trends in technology, communication, strategies, and changes in customer expectations. The Technician Career Path is just another example of how the team at DealerPRO recognized a challenge in the industry and developed a program to help dealers overcome the technician shortage and grow their business. The TCP enables D-level technicians to become confident and capable C-level technicians. You can trust our team to help you train and retain service technicians and grow your dealership’s profitability.